Candles in the Wind ♥

I believe the cliché that I’m about to use is ‘heart warming’. Now, I must admit that I try to avoid these clichés at times, but what does one do when it is just so very succinct?

Yesterday, I attended the annual St Lukes Hospice ‘Celebration of Life’ in Kenilworth to find that our community in Cape Town is truly remarkable! The event is held to raise funds for various projects at the hospice. There are usually stalls for people to browse and the ginormous Norfolk Pine Tree is lit from the ground up with globes sponsored by the society. People can also bring along their own picnics, and candles are on sale for those who want to share in the Christmas spirit.

This year, the camera men from Charly’s Cake Angels were on the prowl as Jacqui and her lovely cake family were there to donate  a whole lot of cash and gifts and a delectable, towering Mucking Afazing Christmas cake that caught my eye and my appetite immediately! The cake was being raffled away for charity but anyway, I didn’t win guys :(…

Highlights of the evening included the Caledonian Cape Town orchestra, the glittering candles, the beeeyoootiful Christmas trees (both the actual one, and the cake) and all the generous donations that people gave. One guy donated R80 000! YOH!

I bagged 2 vintage hangers that you’ll obviously be seeing in my photographs, candy floss and this weird long straw thingy that contained sugar (which I had no idea how to eat, until my mother showed me how to). And, yes, ladies and gents, I did get a pic with Jacqui from Charly’s Bakery for you to view :D.

Such a heart warming evening! Gotta love Christmas! xoxo

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