My Life & Gossip Girl Situations…

#1. You remember that time when you were in your graduation class at high school and everybody was like, “You’re gonna miss it when it’s all over.”??? This is me when high school was over.

tumblr_inline_micj506eDS1rnvwt1(doesnt mean)

#2. My relationship with chocolate is only that real.


#3. That awkward moment when my best friend’s boyfriend just won’t leave…

tumblr_mpd77tN9Tq1ssqxwho1_500(paris shock)

#4. And then there were those times when I’d bump into somebody who I was really not in the mood for…


#5. Let’s just say that my Orientation Leaders at the University of Cape Town should have eased up on some of the terrifying stories of people failing first year…


#6. Every time I see barefoot people on campus, I’m like, “What?”

tumblr_mmhi11cEXL1qzs3lmo1_500 (oops)

#7. And this is me, not trying to blatantly dispose of any evidence by tossing it into a glass of champagne, but rather dropping my friend’s USB into my glass by mistake because I’m that clumsy.


#8. I am told that have 2 assignments, an essay and a test due all on the same day.


#9. The mixed emotions that the food sold on UCT’s campus leaves me with…


#10. Everybody has a Georgina Sparks in their lives who they need to say this to. I don’t really need to explain this one.


#11. Chanel makes anybody feel like a princess, including me ofcourse!

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