I ♥ David Tlale in NY for MBFW !

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Pictures from David Tlale; Spring 2014

It’s Fashion Week in New York & the glitz, glamour and drama is amassing like an iceberg from deep waters. Just yesterday our very own darling designer, David Tlale, unveiled his beautiful clothes in NY, after a bit of drama that he had to encounter himself. Well, what’s Fashion Week without its drama? We’ve all heard about the stories of what goes on. This one honestly seems milder in comparison to the others (which I shan’t utter, unless you want to have half a heart attack, yourself).

Apparently the fashion show’s producers (People Revolution), and David Tlale himself had had a falling out just prior to the show. Oopsie! WWD reports that Kelly Cutrone of People Revolution backed out of the agreement to produce the show after delays in payments being made to her by David. Apparently, Kelly was supposed to be paid $15 000 about 48 hours prior to the show, which she had not yet received by the 4th of Sept, and hence retracted People Revolution’s affiliation with David Tlale’s Fashion show.

What did David have to say about all of this hoo-hah? According to WWD, this was his response to the Kelly Cutrone rant:

“It’s not about me not wanting to pay them. The payments were delayed from my side. They were going to be effective today, but she pulled the plug. She was not willing to wait. We were going to make the entire amount today.

Despite all of this strange on-goings, David went ahead with his Spring 2014 show case at Box in Lincoln Centre, and once again proved to be a designer of stellar background.

Want a chance to have dinner with David Tlale while doing your bit to give back to the disadvantaged? Buy your ticket today to have dinner with David on the BLUE TRAIN!!! (Details below)


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