Nelson Mandela: Remember the day

Nelson Mandela wallpaper, Madiba quotes

I always say – in this tumultuous world  filled with uncertainty and evil, it is the men who are incorruptible that bear real strength and deserving admiration. Any man can be a king, but it takes a hero to be a leader. Nelson Mandela led a nation, a world, a universe. And when I heard of his passing on at 12:15 am this morning, I was struck by a deep sadness and provocation of thoughts. I had been exhausted from socializing at the Elle Style Reporter Awards, and I was ready to go home and sleep off the fun when I was told that our Madiba was gone.

My cab driver laughed at me when I remarked that the crazy, strong winds were a sign that we had lost a great soul in this world. It was as if chaos had been unleashed, and I could not shake the uneasy feeling that clawed at my insides: I would not have been where I am today if it were not for this great man. I had just come from a room full of people of multicolor; with nothing really in common despite a shared love for fashion and the finer things in life. Would such happenings have been possible had it not been for the men and women who stood against the oppression & discrimination of the bigots in the world?

We pay scant regard to these little frivolous occasions where everybody is allowed to mingle and enjoy life together: it is probably what Madiba had wanted – a world where it’s just so damn easy for us to stand together. However, I fear the day that future generations forget and do not appreciate. As once we forget, history will repeat itself as it has so faithfully done; over and over again.

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