The makeup storage tip you need to know

Storing cosmetics in a fridge

Now I may not be qualified in beauty & by no means am I a professional who can rattle of stats, but I know when I see clear evidence that something is working according to plan. I have bags full of makeup that lies around all over the place (I suck at storage, but I’m working on that right now) – so when I recently bought a ton of makeup from Mac earlier this month, I decided to store it all in a cool & dry place. Problems I encountered: a. My bedroom gets so hot that sometimes stuff melts in my cupboards which evolve into natural ovens. b. The only places that are cool are downstairs where the lounge, dining room & kitchen are situated. Now, do I really wanna store all of my makeup in the lounge or kitchen? Nooo! c. Makeup storage is expensive and needs to be an investment. I would gladly ‘invest’ in it, had I not blown all my cash on said makeup already.

So what did I decide to do? Well, this idea came from my mom, really – I stored it in my bedroom bar fridge! The results are spectacular. I’ve found that all of my products are working optimally & when I put on my makeup, I feel fresh & vibrant. I swear my face even feels more moisturized with my Clinique Even Better moisturizer EVEN BETTER than before! There is debate surrounding whether or not you should fridge your beauty products, or which ones to fridge.

I, however love this storage method, & you can even refer to other online articles with more scientific facts surrounding the benefits of storing your makeup in your refrigerator –

Cosmo article by Carly Cardellino (picture above taken from there)

Beauty World News



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