5 Delicious Christmas Appetizer Ideas

Delcious Christmas Dinner Party!

Hosting this year’s Christmas eve party and have no idea what to serve up for appetizers? These delicious & different little recipes will have you sorted – just be sure you’ve made enough! Whether you’re living here in South Africa, or up in Europe where there’s colder climates, comfort food starters are always a winner. Well that’s in my opinion, at least. Simply follow the links to each website and try them out! 🙂

1. Rissois de Galinha – Chicken Rissoles

Chicken Rissoles, Rissois de Galinha recipe, Full Bellies, Happy Kids.

Some of you may know them as half-moons or moon pies. I know many people who have tasted mine and asked me for the recipe – some even told me that they’ll pay me to take orders for them! Here is the recipe I like to use. I would suggest that you make these in advance of your party and freeze them. I usually make the pie filling the day before, and make the dough and fill the pies on the following day.

View the recipe at Full Bellies, Happy Kids

2. Baked Mozzarella Bites


Baked cheesy goodness! Need I say anymore?

View the recipe at Oh Sweet Basil

2. Wild Mushroom Tartlets

Crimini Tartletts

So I’ve heard that mushrooms are not for everybody. However, I’m in love with the intense flavours from mushrooms and truffles and they rate among one of my favourite foods. So naturally, I had to stuff in an appetizer with mushrooms here!

View the recipe at Oh Sweet Basil

4. Spinach Almond Crostini


This one is for the lovely ladies (or men) who are strapped for time. Besides, it’s not an unknown secret that carbs are a crowd-pleaser.

View the recipe at the Food Network

5. Salmon Cakes with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Salmon cakes with wasabi mayonnaise 8

This one is a personal favourite of mine. I love food with an Asian fusion twist!

View the recipe at My Carolina Kitchen

Well, that’s all for now, folks. I hope you enjoy these recipes! xx

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