Elle Style Reporter Awards 2013

Suzaan Heyns, Elle Style Reporter Awards, Art Exhibitions






IMG_6874Everything about this year’s Elle Style Reporter Awards 2013 screamed avant-garde fashion.

The beautiful art exhibits on display in the unusual venue (well, unusual for me, at least) provided an enhanced experience of ultimately being surrounded by Cape Town’s fash elite. I attended with my gorgeous friend/aunt – she’s just so young, it sounds weird – Manashree. The awards are held annually to ‘crown’ the new Elle Style Reporter who will report for Elle Magazine SA during the following year. Said style reporter gets paid a monthly stipend, wins prizes, and finds tons of publicity – so it’s pretty much uphill from there. This year’s Elle Style Reporter is the lovely Niquita Bento with her blog, Neck of the Woods – congratulations!






What I wore:

Sequined waterfall blazer: Forever New

White blouse: Mango

Leather look tights: The Lot

Embellished stiletto heels: Errol Arendz 

Clutch bag: Jo Borkett

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