Campus Cool: my style survival guide to looking great and feeling fabulous!

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Campus Cool
Hello to all my lovely readers! Today I’ve decided to make a really personal post – one that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. It’s a style guide for females on my campus (at the University of Cape Town) – *freshmen, take note. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re not from Cape Town, because a lot of this stuff applies to universities in general. It’s also what I (try) to adhere to – sometimes even I break my own rules – however that is a different story entirely.  The photos here are a guide for what I would recommend you wear to campus, but there’s some items of clothing that I’ve deliberately omitted, and with good reason. Here we go!
Rule #1
Comfort is key. This rule works great because it makes a statement while dispelling anything that would work against said statement. I know that in the fashion world, comfort is seen as a sign of weakness. But let’s be honest – you’re going to be running around a lot during the day, and you don’t want to exhaust your ability to learn in the process. After all, that is why you’re at university! So try to steer clear from heels, tight pants of any sort (even skinny jeans), or anything that could weigh you down. I used to have major issues with my super-tight jeggings, because they didn’t allow me to move freely up and down those frightful Jammie Steps! Therefore, I advise females to wear distressed boyfriend jeans and a lot of harem pants in cool prints and styles.
Rule #2
Dress for the weather. ALWAYS carry an umbrella! And while you’re at it – and I say this in the nicest way possible – try not to blind me with garish and bright colours on it. Another thing to take note of: I learnt too late that skirts and dresses are not such a good idea at UCT. Cape Town can get extremely windy all of a sudden, and your hands will then be occupied the whole day by trying to awkwardly tuck your skirt/dress down. ALSO, girls who tend to have an extremely high tolerance to cold weather: Can’t you please at least pretend  that you’re cold, and cover some sh** up??? Thank you, and God bless.
Rule #3
Be practical. Carry a bag that will hold all of your necessities, firstly. I breathed a giant sigh of relief when Chanel revived the backpack trend so I could carry a bag full of all the stuff I need! Make use of this trend on campus because back packs even out the weight on your back and do not cause as much strain on your shoulders. They also hold more stuff. It’s like a win-win-win situation. Secondly, I’m always preaching that you have to accessorize with cheap stuff that you won’t miss dearly if it gets lost (students will be students). However, try your best to buy a good quality sunglasses so that your vision is enhanced in the sun.
Rule #4
Mix it up! I love varsity jackets, and bomber jackets with a passion, but as you can see, the ones I’ve chosen are a little different to the usual lot. I love how there’s other fabrics like denim and leather incorporated into this style, and you can also find your own quirky way of being unique, too.
Rule #5
Don’t try too hard. This is campus, and not the runway. Freshers, please listen to me right now. We can spot you a mile away in your brand, spanking new clothes that don’t look very comfy or pliable at all. I know being different is good, but not like this. Just not like this…
Thanks for reading this! Hopefully you’ll take my advice.
Lots of love,
Raeesa xxx
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