Fashionable Throwback: A morning with Stefania Morland

Stefania Morland Fashion Week Cape Town

This interview was done when I was just starting out and had no clue that my voice would sound really high-pitched on camera (or maybe it is really that high; I don’t know?). Point being: We all grow and learn from mistakes only to develop as individuals. In my case, this blog has been like a baby to me that I’ve nurtured and expanded over the short space of an approximate year. And like a mother, I too have learned and come a long way. But let’s just say that with technology constantly broadening its horizons and fashion & trends that are ever-changing, there can only be more room for improvement and augmentation.

Lastly, I have to send my sincere gratitude to a very kind Stefania Morland, who was able to take time off her busy schedule and do this interview with me. I am humbled.

Watch the interview here:

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