MBFW CT 2014 is upon us – Your schedule delivered to you

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Cape Town 2014, Designer Schedule

24th July 2014

17h00: Marianne Fassler

18h00: Lara Klawikowski/Split Milk

19h15: Gavin Rajah

20h30: Stefania Morland

21h30: Shana Morland

25th July 2014

13h00-16h00: AFI Fashion Talk

17h00: AFI Next Generation presents: Akedo by Eleni Lebrou / Nicholas Coutts / BLANC by Alexandra Blanc / Ernest Mahomane

18h15: Michelle Ludek/Tart

19h30: Kobus Dippenaar Atelier

21h00: Ruald Rheeder/Non-European

26th July 2014

14h00: Lazuli/Lo/Pichulik and Kat van Duinen

15h30: Danielle Margaux/Selfi

16h30: Leigh Schubert/Loin cloth & Ashes

17h45: Lalesso

19h00: Craig Port

19h30: KLUK CGDT

21h00: Fabiani

Cape Town Fashion Week is like the holy grail of fashion events held in the mother city, and fashion addicts will resort to begging, borrowing and stealing to get themselves there. Procure your tickets early and note that it is held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre each year. The dress code can be anything you want it to be, bearing in mind that ‘chic’ is always the most fabulous form of dressing and orange is only the new black if you can pass it off as such! I usually tend to draw my style-inspiration from famous fashion bloggers Aimee Song (Song of Style), Wendy Nguyen (Wendy’s Lookbook) and Kristina Bazan (Kayture). If that still doesn’t set your mind at ease, then you can also scroll through Pinterest for Fashion week inspiration. And always, remember; be comfortable in your attire, and you will look the best you can look!

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