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Cape Town fashion blogger Raeesa Naik

Cape Town fashion blogger Raeesa Naik

Cape Town fashion blogger, Raeesa Naik

Cape Town Fashion Blogger Raeesa Naik

Cape Town fashion blogger Raeesa Naik

Michel Herbelin Watch, Cape Town fashion blogger Raeesa Naik

Cape Town fashion blogger Raeesa Naik

Wow, what a week it has been! I started out by trying to experiment with my cooking & photography skills to put up some recipes (soon to come), and I ended it off by losing my beautiful, shiny black Niké sneakers at gym. My dad has decided that I’ve made the gym my ‘receptacle for all my belongings’ – I swear it’s like there’s a hole in my gym bag where all my stuff just falls through and gets lost somewhere! The last occurrence of this happened to be with my new prescription glasses. I was lucky enough for my glasses to have been discovered by a kind bunch of folks who got them to the Lost & Found safe and sound. I had not been so fortunate with the sneakers, though, because those are gone with the wind. But of course I shall use this as an excuse to buy a new pair of cool Niké sneakers. Girl’s gotta gym, after all.

On the upside, how beautiful is this tweed 50s inspired swing skirt that I picked up from Topshop? LOVE! 

For this outfit, I didn’t really have to think. It just came together and its so much a reflection of my own style that I was completely in my element shooting this. I love the soft pink and the comforting texture of tweed. The fit and form of this skirt is divine and it accentuates the female shape in a way that feminine clothing is supposed to. I adopted the 50s look with my own interpretation of it, adding the chunky and androgynous statement chain and watch to give it an edge – albeit a subtle one.

I chose a soft white blouse to be paired with the skirt so as to not detract from its ‘largeness’, but rather complement it. The shoes are my absolute fave at the moment because of the pop of colour that they bring with wearing them. I tend to mix different shades of roses (like red, various pinks, white) in my outfits.

My watch was gifted to me by my parents for my 21st birthday last year, and I love pairing it with all kinds of different outfits – it literally goes with anything! I can be partial towards practical and masculine watches for some reason… I don’t know why, but wearing them makes me feel empowered, and feeling empowered makes me happy.

Outfit Details:

White blouse – Zara

Pink tweed midi skirt – Topshop

Pointy-toe pumps – Zara

Satin bow clutch bag – Furla

Chunky statement necklace – Forever New

Watch – Michel Herbehin at Wolf Bros

Gold cuff bracelet – ZM Jewellery (by my lovely new friend, Zunette Mulder)

 Gold necklace chain – Purchased at a Saudi Arabian Souk

Photography: Tegan Smith Photography

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