Stone Wall

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What do you do when you have hit the proverbial slump, hard place, or my personal favourite, the Stone Wall?

We all have an ingrained tolerance and recovery level which go hand-in-hand with the next decisions that we will make surrounding our poor circumstances. If you are too tolerant, you will become the doormat that your boss’s feisty bull terrier wipes its grubby paws on. Looking over the other side of the wall (see what I did there?), you can’t display signs of an intolerant beast that puts a red-neck in boxy white cloak and mask to shame! (Also, this was just an exaggerated analogy, but shame on you if you are intolerant towards others in such a manner – just an aside.)

Similarly with the idea of recovery – dealing with loss or pain should never become a lingering artefact of one’s hypothetical museum of memorabilia, nor should it come too rapidly so as to defeat the purpose of teaching one the valuable lessons of life’s grim rejections.

So, really, what do you do then? Perhaps you could be the Stone Wall. In this sense, it is not meant for you to divide or provide a barrier, but rather for you to be able to stand partially overlooking both sides with a strong, upstanding defiance. Like the stone wall that is meant to protect – you are the protector of your humanity. You are unbreakable. You are aged by the signs that life may not go according to plan, but nonetheless, you have become all the more wiser and magnificent for it.

– And like this very same stone wall,  you too will weather storms, yet still prevail –

Outfit Details:

White crop skinny jeans – Forever New

Wrap Blouse – Forever New

Stacking ring – Lovisa

Block sandal/heels – Topshop

Animal print cross-body bag – Mimco

Lipstick colour – YSL (Rouge Pur Couture 09 Rose Stiletto)





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