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Silver NYE outfit The Fashion Factor Co

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“It’s that time of the year again…” You are being accosted by the sight of jovial carol singers and people who are trying to make up for their miserly habits during the entire year by doing some menial services to charity.  No doubt, you are beginning to feel your pressure rise too, because you just realised that you are probably the only one of your annoyingly punctual group of friends who has not found a suitable New Year’s Eve ensemble. It happens to the best of us! Here is some inspiration to give you ideas of what to wear for that New Year’s Eve party that’s giving you the jitters –

I’ve always been a sucker for classical silhouettes and feminine fabrics. However, I like to wear futuristic shapes and metallics especially on New Year’s Eve because a.) It represents the beginning of the future, and b.) Why the hell not be all shiny and glittery? I mean it’s not like you have the opportunity to do so all year-round, anyway. I loved the fact that the pleats coupled by the sheen made for a ripple-effect, like a waterfall flowing all the way down to my feet.

When I was in Zara to do some shopping, I stopped by this blouse and skirt pair. Generally I would choose either the top or bottom, but I’ve started to grow fond of wearing match-matchy outfits recently, and I realised it would actually make a really great NYE post. I topped the outfit up with a slightly slouchy, but also fitted black formal blazer with the sleeves rolled up to add some boldness to it. But I think that this outfit is just stunning on its own. To end off, I chose the block chunky heels from Topshop because they are as equally bold, but contribute a velvety-soft touch because of the suede. My necklace which is originally from Mango (and like over 5 years old) is like a staple that I could never let go off. I have such a sentimental attachment to it, and I bought it from Eastgate (Johannesburg) back when Scarlett Johansson was still the face of Mango. I still have the catalogue with her wearing it, and I still have the clothes from that collection, too! I guess the irony in this is that I started off by talking about new beginnings, but us humans are far too nostalgic and tender… I always say change is good, but then again, maybe it’s good to remember the things that have amounted to making you who you are?

Outfit Details:

 Metallic sheen blouse & skirt set – Zara

Chunky block heels – Topshop

Formal collarless black blazer – Forever New

Statement block choker – Mango

Leaf-patterned rings – Lovisa

Photography: Tegan Smith Photography

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