Christmas 2015: Part I

Cape Town Fashion Blogger The Fashion Factor Co Outfit

Cape Town Fashion blogger outfit The Fashion Factor Co

Pink playsuit outfit glitzy

Pink playsuit outfit glitzy

Pink playsuit outfit glitzy

Ted Baker bag Michel Herbehin Watch Details

Nude strappy sandals

Before I say anything else, allow me to extend my warm wishes to you all in welcoming the 2016 year! May it be a fruitful and exciting one. Don’t worry about the cynics who are condemning those who still believe in the age-old practice of new year’s resolutions. I think it’s wonderful if people continue to work towards bettering their circumstances and their inner selves (BUT) do stick to what you set out to do!

This post is entitled “Part I” because it’s one half of my Christmas posts; the other one is going to be the recipes of what we made for our Christmas dinner. Funnily enough, I do believe that my blog is made up of two equally important constituents – one part fashion, and one part being food. So it’s only fitting that Christmas comes in two parts.

The outfit I chose to wear for Christmas is playful and formal at the same time, giving it the perfect look for a family-setting like Christmas. It can get really uncomfortable in a room full of enquiring aunts and strict uncles, and the last thing you would want is to feel even more set back by the constraints of your outfit’s seams! The pink and lace worked together to give this playsuit a more demure look than others, while the cropped blingy jacket brought out the colour and gave the outfit a glitzy ‘pop’. I loved the nude sandals (they’re my mother’s, and we conveniently share the same shoe size hahahaha). These shoes stood on a ‘micro’ heel, so I did not have to worry about slipping while carrying large platters of food to the dining table. But then again, it’s been said that I can be the clumsiest one in my family, so it might have still been possible…

The Ted Baker bag was a birthday gift to me from my awesome uncle who went through the trouble to send it down to me all the way from Kwa-Zulu Natal! I love to pair it with pastel colours and this bag can especially go with feminine pieces. Ted Baker is a must-have for any woman who loves patent leather in an unusual accessory. They have gorgeous shopping carry-alls, as well!

As for my edible red accessory – the candy cane? Well… It was Christmas, after all 😉

Outfit Details:

Cropped Sequinned Jacket – Forever New 

Playsuit – Woolworths

Rings – Lovisa

Nude strappy Sandals – Woolworths

Cross-body Purse/Bag – Ted Baker

Two-tone watch – Michel Herbelin

*A special thank you to my Mom for taking out these photographs, and for putting up with my pedantic behaviour 😀


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