Christmas 2015: Part II

Christmas lunch ideas

Christmas lunch ideas

What is Christmas without the amazing food and feasting? To me, it is 80% of the fun during the festive season (or maybe I just love food that much). This year – or rather last year – I kept things simple because it was just me and my parents who were celebrating together, and no matter how ambitious we would be to gobble up an entire range of delicious goodies, we knew it was not going to happen!

As you can see, we went with a delectable roast beef, rosemary roasted potatoes, ciabatta, grilled chicken skewers with a gorgeous red pepper hummus dip (available at Woolworths), and some lovely sides/salads. I do not feign perfection when it comes to cooking or taking snaps of my creations, but I do take pride in the fact that I derive utter pleasure and enjoyment out of the whole process. As humans, we can only grow from our experiences and each time I prepare for an article, I learn a little more as I go.

Anyway, I need to confess something. This time around, I was actually in charge of all the sides and desserts. My dad is the Christmas roasting aficionado, and we have standing tradition that he is going to prepare the roasts for us. I have requested his recipe already, and long story short, I will probably have to make up my own because he seems to play this one close to the chest.

I hope that this post inspires you this year when you are Googling “christmas lunch ideas” and somewhere on Google results, my website pops up 😛

I will post the recipe for my creamy pumpkin & mushroom gratin soon, because trust me – you have to try it!

Keep well until then,

Raeesa x

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