Leather & Lace

Leather leggings outfit

Michel Herbehin watch

Leather leggings outfit

Leather leggings outfit

Rose Gold layered necklaces

Leather leggings outfit

leather animal print tote handbag

black block peep-toe high heels

I love the combination of leather and lace! It’s the perfect marriage between two fabrics that are so diverse. You can use leather and lace to strike a balance between both the fierce and the virtuous goddess from within you. In this outfit, I also used opposing shapes in the form of the tight leather leggings set against the flowing, soft white fabric for my blouse. Somehow, it ended up being one of those things that just felt right, you know?

I layered three gold necklaces to accessorise with. They were all bought at different times, but they go well together, because they are all gold and dainty. These necklaces are my go-to choices for layering over blouses and sophisticated shirts because they add just enough sparkle with an elegant, soft touch.

As for the shoes; they tie the outfit together because of their beautiful strength – this type of shoe can really be worn day through to night (and one of a girl’s best kept secrets, of course, is that platforms are actually quite a comfortable high-heel option!). Don’t be taken by surprise, then, if these shoes make a regular appearance on the blog 😀

I do hope you approve!

Lots of love,

Raeesa xxx

Outfit Details:

White blouse with lace detail – Zara South Africa 

Leather leggings – The Lot

Peep-toe platform heels – Topshop

Animal-print leather tote handbag – Mimco

Gold necklaces with white gold & yellow gold detail pendant – Purchased at Saudi Arabian souks

Gold necklace with tiered crystal pendant – Swarovski 

Watch – Michel Herbelin (New Port)

Yellow gold bangle – Zunette Mulder Jewellery 


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