Whilst everybody was trying to double up on a hangover cure for breakfast, I just wanted to eat something light, tasty and vegetarian. We had some leftover olive ciabatta from the New Year’s eve braai, and so I had decided to go with an all-time favourite of mine- parmesan french toast and roasted marinated tomatoes. This went down a treat because it’s just so cheesy and delicious, all while not being too… Read More

Before I say anything else, allow me to extend my warm wishes to you all in welcoming the 2016 year! May it be a fruitful and exciting one. Don’t worry about the cynics who are condemning those who still believe in the age-old practice of new year’s resolutions. I think it’s wonderful if people continue to work towards bettering their circumstances and their inner selves (BUT) do stick to what you set… Read More

“It’s that time of the year again…” You are being accosted by the sight of jovial carol singers and people who are trying to make up for their miserly habits during the entire year by doing some menial services to charity.  No doubt, you are beginning to feel your pressure rise too, because you just realised that you are probably the only one of your annoyingly punctual group of friends who has… Read More

Looking for a healthier alternative to your usual sweet treat? Try out these deliciously wholesome and moist spiced carrot muffins! Just in time for Christmas, too!

Keep things simple with a pair of white skinny jeans, and build your outfit up with soft colours or black.

Make a statement in a dramatic swing skirt that is reminiscent of the 50s.

Casual essentials that constitute cool blue and a genuine leather jacket – also, read all about my experience of being diagnosed with a rare medical condition this year.

This interview was done when I was just starting out and had no clue that my voice would sound really high-pitched on camera (or maybe it is really that high; I don’t know?). Point being: We all grow and learn from mistakes only to develop as individuals. In my case, this blog has been like a baby to me that I’ve nurtured and expanded over the short space of an approximate year. And… Read More

24th July 2014 17h00: Marianne Fassler 18h00: Lara Klawikowski/Split Milk 19h15: Gavin Rajah 20h30: Stefania Morland 21h30: Shana Morland 25th July 2014 13h00-16h00: AFI Fashion Talk 17h00: AFI Next Generation presents: Akedo by Eleni Lebrou / Nicholas Coutts / BLANC by Alexandra Blanc / Ernest Mahomane 18h15: Michelle Ludek/Tart 19h30: Kobus Dippenaar Atelier 21h00: Ruald Rheeder/Non-European 26th July 2014 14h00: Lazuli/Lo/Pichulik and Kat van Duinen 15h30: Danielle Margaux/Selfi 16h30: Leigh Schubert/Loin cloth… Read More

The look that’s stolen my heart right now is the classic trench teamed with laid-back neutrals (and black!). Whenever the winter season arrives here in South Africa, I am most excited to wear my trenches because of the effortless chic that they exude. Here, I’ve picked some of my favourites – I love pink and red, animal print, and of course, Burberry! Shop the look here: