Everything about this year’s Elle Style Reporter Awards 2013 screamed avant-garde fashion. The beautiful art exhibits on display in the unusual venue (well, unusual for me, at least) provided an enhanced experience of ultimately being surrounded by Cape Town’s fash elite. I attended with my gorgeous friend/aunt – she’s just so young, it sounds weird – Manashree. The awards are held annually to ‘crown’ the new Elle Style Reporter who will report… Read More

Hosting this year’s Christmas eve party and have no idea what to serve up for appetizers? These delicious & different little recipes will have you sorted – just be sure you’ve made enough! Whether you’re living here in South Africa, or up in Europe where there’s colder climates, comfort food starters are always a winner. Well that’s in my opinion, at least. Simply follow the links to each website and try them… Read More

When it comes to parties, I say choose heels over comfort. After surfing the net, these are the pretty party shoes that I chose as my favourites. You can see that I’m really obsessed with multi-strapped shoes (sorry haha). Clockwise from top left: Christina suede sandal: R1 499.00 at http://www.erato.co.za Devi cage heel: R799 at Forever New Whitneyy cuff-strapped wedge: R999 at Steve Madden Himmons pump: R999 at Aldo Shoes Multistrap zip… Read More

Now I may not be qualified in beauty & by no means am I a professional who can rattle of stats, but I know when I see clear evidence that something is working according to plan. I have bags full of makeup that lies around all over the place (I suck at storage, but I’m working on that right now) – so when I recently bought a ton of makeup from Mac… Read More

Meet guest blogger Lauren Campbell AKA ‘Fashionista CT’. She is pictured here bang on trend in gorgeous white with gold accents and a pop of colour in the form of her extremely desirable heels. She plays her outfit off with regal animal print – another trend in the bag! I think her choker chain is to die for! Don’t you? The outfit: Blouse: Vintage Hat: Woolworths SA Tights: Milq & Honey Shoes:… Read More

Let’s just clear the air: it may be a bit difficult to get into Asoka, but once you’re in, then all the prior planning and hassle you underwent will be well worth it. The starters come in the form of really tiny tapas, so order many of those if you’re in a large group (I’d recommend the platter selection to share while you wait for mains – it starts at R85 per… Read More

I had the delightful pleasure of attending StyleSociety’s pop-up boutique held at The Forum in the V & A Hotel. For those of you who don’t know, Kumari Govender (editor at StyleSociety) is my aunt & fashion mentor, so I’ve basically been anticipating this event for a long time! Guests & shoppers were treated to drinks at the door (which I didn’t really have because I was just so eager to go… Read More

  I was super-excited to attend the final StyleSociety SA pop up boutique for the year at the V & A Hotel (more pics to be posted under fashion events). I really had no idea what I wanted to wear & decided to rummage through my closet/cupboard/pile of clothes to find a black jumpsuit from Forever New. I thought that a basic onesie was a great idea seeing as I was going… Read More

I had the pleasure of attending the Elle Rising Star Designer Awards 2013 at the Westin Grand Hotel (CTICC) earlier in November. I managed to get an entire lookbook shot at this venue (albeit missing some of the event due to that). My look was inspired by the monochrome trend, however I must admit that half of my wardrobe is monochrome for reasons unknown to me. These photos are the first of… Read More

I always say – in this tumultuous world  filled with uncertainty and evil, it is the men who are incorruptible that bear real strength and deserving admiration. Any man can be a king, but it takes a hero to be a leader. Nelson Mandela led a nation, a world, a universe. And when I heard of his passing on at 12:15 am this morning, I was struck by a deep sadness and… Read More