Christian Dior, Fall 2014, yellow coat

  Lately, I’ve been gearing up for Autumn (Fall) by trying to get some brightly coloured fashion pieces together. I know this is like the total opposite of my usual “all black errrthang” approach to fashion, but I figured that a honey yellow coat – á la Christian Dior, Fall 2014 – would do wonders in dreary weather. Shop the look here:

Storing cosmetics in a fridge

Now I may not be qualified in beauty & by no means am I a professional who can rattle of stats, but I know when I see clear evidence that something is working according to plan. I have bags full of makeup that lies around all over the place (I suck at storage, but I’m working on that right now) – so when I recently bought a ton of makeup from Mac… Read More

If you didn’t know, now you know! Rihanna’s summer collaborative collection for Mac is new in SA stores, & it’s selling out like hot cakes (forgive my unapologetic use of flat word play on this fine Sunday morning). With lipsticks priced at just R220 each, it’s no wonder people are falling over themselves while trying to get to a Mac counter. I tried out some of the make up, and I must say, I would have… Read More