Winter style & Trench Coats to buy 2014

The look that’s stolen my heart right now is the classic trench teamed with laid-back neutrals (and black!). Whenever the winter season arrives here in South Africa, I am most excited to wear my trenches because of the effortless chic that they exude. Here, I’ve picked some of my favourites – I love pink and red, animal print, and of course, Burberry! Shop the look here:

They’re young, stylish, and beautiful! These fashionistas may not really get along on their show, KUWTK, but hey, they could’ve fooled me in these chic pics! xx   

  I know this was last week, but I just couldn’t resist posting this daring look by Taylor Swift! Well, daring for Taylor, at least. It’s different to her usual puffy, midi frocks, and I love the fact that she’s wearing fitted, adventurous dresses these days. She wore this white Calvin Klein dress to support her buddy Paul Potts at the One Chance premier. She may have not been featured in this biopic, but… Read More

Yes, it’s true. And in true Jeremy Scott style, there’s some wings on this trendy high-top shoe (DUHHHHHH). I don’t know what to make of it though, ’cause I’ve imagined these shoes on the feet of many of my male friends and for some reason, I just want to laugh each time. But it looks so cool in the pic though!