romantic gift ideas for her

 Undoubtedly the best way to spend your money this Valentine’s Day – look for lots of rose gold to match with the beautiful day of love. It is also extremely trendy right now, so it contributes to the allure & charm of the gift that you are giving her. Mix and match gifts by choosing more economical sets of rings, accessories or Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks and then adding them to the gift… Read More

Christian Dior, Fall 2014, yellow coat

  Lately, I’ve been gearing up for Autumn (Fall) by trying to get some brightly coloured fashion pieces together. I know this is like the total opposite of my usual “all black errrthang” approach to fashion, but I figured that a honey yellow coat – á la Christian Dior, Fall 2014 – would do wonders in dreary weather. Shop the look here:

Monochrome, black and white, fall SA Fashion Blogger Lookbook 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the Elle Rising Star Designer Awards 2013 at the Westin Grand Hotel (CTICC) earlier in November. I managed to get an entire lookbook shot at this venue (albeit missing some of the event due to that). My look was inspired by the monochrome trend, however I must admit that half of my wardrobe is monochrome for reasons unknown to me. These photos are the first of… Read More

Louis Vuitton’s new Monogram W Tote handbags range from about $3 000 – $6 000 (roughly in USD). My favourite is the buttery yellow one! It’s bright and a great mood-changer for Spring, which is yet to grace us with its appearance in Cape Town. My birthday wish list, anyone?

Relax yourselves, ladies and gents. I’m not talking about the kind of designer drinking which involves copious amounts of Grey Goose and Dom to slosh down the evening’s composure with. I’m talking about – and you know what I’m talking about thanks to my not-so-subtle pictures below – Coke light by Marc Jacobs. Can’t afford one of his amazing polka dotted scarves? Fret not, my lovely. Purchase yourself a gorgeous limited edition… Read More