Last week Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Cape Town based brand LABEL Collection’s Autumn/Winter line of designs for 2016. The collection is a beautiful mix of timeless clothing and the brand upholds an ethical focus on sustainability and empowerment; definitely the discerning consumer’s paradise in a nutshell. Perusing the store, I came across plush tweeds, charming jewellery pieces, structured colour-block coats and rich maroon, all of which… Read More

For those of you who didn’t know: Daniel Wellington is the revolutionary Scandinavian company that is making international waves with their incredibly tasteful watches. TBH, I’ve seen these watches on so many famous style influencers that I’ve basically lost count – and now I’m blessed to say that I can add myself to the list of those fortunate enough to own an amazing watch from Daniel Wellington. The concept of creating a… Read More

Before you are greeted with the unmistakable scent of freshly baked bread, you are met with the glaringly obvious fact that you are stepping foot in a building of yesteryear. Well, yester-two-hundred-years, to be more specific. Loaves on Long is a quaint little eatery that is situated on 33 Long street within the bustling melting pot that is Cape Town’s CBD. It is jointly run by two lovely ladies, Lyndal Wakeford and… Read More

These baby puddings are an entertainer’s delight – they’re incredibly easy to whip up, plus who doesn’t love banana bread? This recipe pushes the simple banana bread up a notch with a marvellous banana butterscotch sauce. I think that the puddings will go great with some toasted walnuts and white chocolate ice cream. You can even try spreading some Nutella in the centre of freshly baked banana bread pudds, to give them an… Read More

As you are well aware by now, I am South African with Indian roots. I’ve been on a little quest to create traditional Indian recipes, but with a unique spin on them. This is today’s recipe, inspired by North Indian cuisine – and with the unique addition of kale. Kale is crunchy and has a texture that you wouldn’t normally experience in Indian food, as Indians like to cook their spinach until… Read More

‘Nuff said! I used Alton Brown’s decadent chocolate mousse recipe (omitted the alcohol, of course). There is no other way to make choc mousse, in my opinion. Some use melted marshmallows, but I think that gelatine is a way easier option to go with. Preparation time did not exceed 15 minutes, and I had the chocolate mousse setting in the fridge in no time. The red velvet berry crumble totally elevates this… Read More

It’s practically impossible to conjure memories of sweet Autumn without recalling the taste of pies from the years behind you. Pies are one of Earth’s genius comfort food creations – a buttery, flaky pastry with hearty filling makes for the most tender dish. The only gripe I have with pies is that preparing all of the pie’s constituents at once can become a little tedious. My solution now is to mix up… Read More

South Africans are incredibly patriotic when it comes to eating local. To understand the extent to which this stretches, try and separate a South African from their beloved braai-stand and see what happens (TO YOU!). Snoek fish is a firm favourite in SA. People think that it’s more of a Western Cape love affair, but I beg to differ, having suffered through years of my Mother’s cravings for battered Snoek when we lived… Read More

Hello to all my beautiful readers 🙂 I’m so excited to be engaging you with a new Lookbook after what feels like ages. Unfortunately, South Africa is experiencing a seasonal shift-over, and I won’t be doing a lot of Summer related fashion posts after this one. Fortunately for me, I now get to have fun with layering, textures, luxurious fabrics and all sorts of Winter fashion wonders that I’ve been really missing… Read More